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Angling Limits Lifted On Six Mountain Lakes

Headlines - Region 1

Tue Jun 30 00:00:00 MDT 2009

By order of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission, the daily and possession bag limits have been removed effective immediately through Oct. 1, 2009 for Clayton, Margaret, George, Woodward, Pyramid, and Pilgrim lakes in the South Fork Flathead drainage including within 100 yards of the lakes for inlet and outlet streams. 


In September 2009, two lakes are scheduled for chemical treatment (Margaret, Clayton.)  The limit waiver is in place for these two lakes so that the public might maximize fish harvest before treatment. For lakes to be genetically swamped (George, Woodward, Pyramid, Pilgrim) the intent is to remove as many nonnative and hybrid trout as possible before the stocked pure westslope cutthroat start spawning. This should make genetic swamping more effective.


FWP initiated the South Fork Flathead Cutthroat Conservation Plan to replace nonnative fish with pure westslope cutthroat in 21 lakes in the South Fork Flathead drainage to maintain genetic purity. Replacement involves either chemical treatment or genetic swamping (heavy stocking of pure westslope cutthroat to dilute the nonnative genes). Three lakes have been successfully treated to date.