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Hunter, Bowhunter Education Instructors Honored

Headlines - Region 4

Mon Mar 30 00:00:00 MDT 2009

Hunter and bowhunter education instructors from north central Montana were honored March 21 in Great Falls.

One Meagher County instructor, Lauretta Berg of Martinsdale, was honored for 35 years of teaching hunter education.

Two instructors - Dan Maney of Great Falls, and Wilbert "Hap" Zahn of Roy - were each honored for 30 years of teaching hunter education.

All told, 60 instructors received service awards ranging from 5 to 35 years. All award recipients receive a plaque; additional awards include: an engraved knife for 10 years, an FWP belt buckle for 20 years, a .357 pistol for 30 years, a monogrammed jacket for 40 years, and a hall of fame plaque for 50 years.

In FWP Region 4, almost 300 volunteers teach hunter and bowhunter education. These instructors certify more than 1,000 students each year.

Region 4 hunter-bowhunter instructor awards by county:

35 Years Hunter Education

Lauretta Berg - Meagher County

30 Years Hunter Education

Dan Maney - Cascade County

Hap Zahn - Fergus County

25 Years Hunter Education

Steve Vinnedge - Cascade County

20 Years Hunter Education

David Somerfeld - Teton County

Michael Sherrard - Toole County

Mary Meserve - Petroleum County

Bruce Luhrsen - Fergus County

Neal Johnson - Cascade County


20 Years Bowhunter Education

Mark Natale - Teton County

15 Years Hunter Education

Clancy Sivertsen - Cascade County

Dave Pickle - Cascade County

Gary Hitchcock - Cascade County

Jan Mion - Cascade County

15 Years Bowhunter Education

Jan Mion - Cascade County

Glenn Martin Jr. - Cascade County

Bob Hammer - Judith Basin County

Gary Ellingson - Glacier County

10 Years Hunter Education

Larry Wyatt - Fergus County

Ralph Widhalm - Pondera County

Dean Schuler - Choteau County

Darin Scott Ross - Liberty County

Colleen Romanchuk - Cascade County

Brad Romanchuk - Cascade County

Richard Leifer - Teton County

Mark Larson - Teton County

Scott Koetting - Fergus County

William Creamer IV - Fergus County

Adam Arthur - Petroleum County

10 Years Bowhunter Education

Jermy Ward - Cascade County

5 Years Hunter Education

DJ Wilson - Fergus County

Dave Wilson - Fergus County

Allen Wilson - Fergus County

Michelle Wilkes - Cascade County

John Wehren - Fergus County

Chuck Stroop - Cascade County

Corbett Somerfeld - Teton County

Bomont Somerfeld - Teton County

Deb Solum - Liberty County

Tony Sinclair - Glacier County

David Phillips - Cascade County

Angela Phelps - Fergus County

Tom Moring - Fergus County

Blaine Juedeman - Chouteau County

Lewis Johnson - Liberty County

Stan Huhtala - Liberty County

Ken Hanson - Cascade County

Aimee Hachigian-Gould - Cascade County

Brandon Gould - Cascade County

Andrew Gould - Cascade County

Babette Eustance - Cascade County

Greg Econom - Fergus County

Norma Clements - Pondera County

Larry Butler - Cascade County

John Buck - Teton County

5 Years Bowhunter Education

Ted Pursley - Chouteau County

Tom Moring - Fergus County

Ken Martin - Chouteau County

John Buck - Teton County

Michael Biegler - Glacier County