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Fwp Region One Seeks Applicants For Northwest Montana

Headlines - Region 1

Mon Mar 30 00:00:00 MDT 2009

FWP is seeking volunteer applicants to fill five slots on the Region One Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). The 12-member CAC is in its 14th year and was established to provide input and guidance to FWP from the public. This is a general advisory committee that works with FWP on many issues and programs.

CAC members come from across northwest Montana. Advisors serve in a volunteer capacity with meals and mileage provided. Evening meetings are held about six times per year.

The function of the CAC is to:

Ø Help promote Montana’s strong hunting, fishing, trapping, and recreational traditions

Ø Help make FWP personnel more available and responsive to the public

Ø Contribute to local decision-making and local solutions

Ø Help FWP be aware of issues before they become problems

Ø Influence the choice of projects to benefit the Region’s fish, wildlife, habitat, anglers, hunters, and other recreationists

Some of the major issues and programs which have involved the CAC include: boating rules, lake management, big game seasons, predator management, hunting heritage, hunter education, Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge hunting plan, westslope cutthroat conservation, and information and media.

To apply for the CAC, contact FWP to request an application at 751-4567, or send email to to request an application. For more information on the function of the committee, call John Fraley at 751-4564.


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