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Officials Kill Three Wolves On Front

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Tue Nov 25 00:00:00 MST 2008

Federal officials have killed three wolves from the Monitor Mountain pack following the death of three cows on a ranch southwest of Augusta.

Three cows were killed and two injured in early November, and on Nov. 11, Fish, Wildlife and Parks authorized federal Wildlife Services to remove three wolves from the pack.

On Nov. 12, wildlife services trapped and euthanized an adult male wolf. Four days later, a yearling female was removed from the population. The third wolf was captured and euthanized Nov. 19.

The pack was not eliminated, though it’s unclear how many wolves remain.

Last winter officials removed two wolves from the pack because of livestock depredations.

To learn more about Montana’s wolf population, visit FWP online at  where visitors can also tell FWP when they see wolves or wolf sign. The information helps to verify the activity, distribution, and pack size of Montana’s wolf population.