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Wolf Shot Near West Yellowstone

Headlines - Region 3

Fri May 30 00:00:00 MDT 2008

Agency personnel shot a lone wolf near West Yellowstone on May 27.


The wolf had been frequenting several campgrounds and residential areas north of West Yellowstone over the last two weeks.


The animal was exhibiting aggressive behavior towards people and domestic dogs and showed no fear of people.


Montana is home to roughly 420 wolves, which mostly inhabit the western portion of the state. Wolves use a variety of habitats and pass through areas that may bring them in and around places where people live, work, and recreate.


“Most wolves pose no threat to people or domestic animals, although occasionally an incident occurs and a wolf or wolves must be removed from the population,” said Kurt Alt, FWP Regional Wildlife Manager. “We evaluate these incidents and decide what to do on a case-by-case basis.”


The Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf population was removed from the federal Endangered Species list in late March. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is now the lead agency for wolf conservation and management in Montana on non-tribal lands.


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks came to the same determination to authorize lethal control in this incident as it would have prior to the delisting of wolves.


Under Montana statutes and the depredation guidelines adopted by the Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission, wolves depredating on livestock can only be killed if authorized by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks following the guidelines, or if the wolf is killing or threatening to kill pets or livestock, or to protect human life.


To learn more about Montana’s recovered wolf population, visit FWP online at, where visitors can also tell FWP when they see wolves or wolf sign. The information helps to verify the activity, distribution, and pack size of Montana’s recovered wolf population.