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New River Ranger at Region 4

Headlines - Region 4

Fri Feb 29 00:00:00 MST 2008

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Lindsay Smith

Fish, Wildlife and Parks has hired a river recreation ranger for the upper Missouri River in north central Montana.

Lindsay Smith, who started Jan. 7, will patrol fishing access sites, checking on site conditions, compliance with camping fees and litter pick up, and making visitor contact. Her area will cover the Missouri River corridor from Wolf Creek to Loma.

One of the primary objectives with Lindsay's job is to increase FWP's daily presence and promote safe and responsible river recreation in our popular fishing access sites on the upper Missouri River," says Roger Semler, FWP regional parks manager. Smith will work out of the department’s parks division.

Smith has a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State in outdoor recreation. Previously, she worked three seasons on the lower Deschutes River as a river recreation ranger for the federal Bureau of Land Management.

“With Lindsay’s experience,” Semler says, “we hope to improve our attention to visitor use management and resource protection while at the same time finding ways to reduce vandalism, user conflicts, and resource impacts."