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FWP Wardens Ask For Help On Unsolved Cases

Headlines - Region 1

Wed Dec 20 00:00:00 MST 2006

Last week FWP Warden Nathan Reiner investigated a waste case where someone breasted out seven geese, put the remainder of the carcasses in a garbage bag, and left the bag approximately 1 mile south on Steel Bridge Road.  Reiner says that this case illustrates a common type of violation that game wardens investigate but rarely solve.  


“We often get calls of vandalisms at fishing access sites or state parks, waste cases (dumped game animals), littering, trespassing, reckless boater, loud boats, spot-lighters, and poached animals, just to name a few,” Reiner said.  “We know that there are people out there with the information we need to solve these cases.”


FWP is also seeking information on a bull elk shot and wasted on approximately December 6 on the Home Ranch Bottoms south of Polebridge.  FWP is seeking any information as to who may be responsible for this incident. 


Warden Captain Lee Anderson reminds citizens that they can remain anonymous and receive a cash reward of up to $1000 if they provide quality information.  "This appears to be a case of lack of respect for the law and the wildlife of Montana,” Anderson said.    “To shoot an elk one week after the season closed and waste it on top of that is disturbing."


Anyone with information on these or other fish, wildlife, and parks violations can call 1-800-TIPMONT, or FWP in Kalispell at 752-5501.  Callers can remain anonymous.