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No Damage Hunts Planned

Headlines - Region 4

Mon Nov 27 00:00:00 MST 2006

Montana’s 2006 general deer and elk rifle season are history and no damage hunts are planned, though that could change.

“First, we would need to verify that game damage took place,” says Graham Taylor, Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife manager in Great Falls. “Then we would make sure the landowner meets eligibility requirements for assistance. For example, make sure the landowner allowed reasonable public access during the general hunting season.”

If those two elements were satisfied, then FWP would go to the damage hunt roster for that hunting district. That was the roster on which hunters signed up last summer via FWP’s Internet web site.

            For now, however, the season’s over. Time to clean and oil the old smoke pole and put it away while enjoying the memories this hunting season brought.