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Food Conditioned Black Bear Captured, Euthanized on Smith River

Headlines - Region 4

Fri Jul 28 00:00:00 MDT 2006

State and federal wildlife officials captured and euthanized a black bear that was raiding camps on the Smith River.

            On July 13, Fish, Wildlife and Parks received a report that a black bear had ripped open a tent at Trout Creek Boat Camp.

“The bear had gotten into several camps at Trout Creek on the Smith,” said Steve Vinnedge, FWP game warden sergeant. “It was also bothering private property owners and showed no fear of people.”

A federal trapper with Animal Services of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture was brought in and set a snare that captured the animal July 22. It was an adult male black bear weighing 225 to 250 pounds.

Campers, floaters, and hikers in bear country need to take precautions:

  • Human food and beverages, horse feeds, dog food, etc. either in possession or left unattended must be kept unavailable to bears unless being eaten, prepared or transported.
  • When leaving an area remove all food and refuse. Never bury leftover food or garbage. Pack it out.  
  • Do not sleep in the same clothes that you handled game or cooked in.
  • Keep sleeping bags, tents and sleeping area free of food and beverage odors.
  • Do not put cooking grease or food scraps in fire grates or campsites.
  • Never put leftover food or garbage in toilets.