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Tax Deductible Contributions Help Wildlife


Fri Feb 17 00:00:00 MST 2006

Photo of a pygmy rabbit taken near Bannack Pass.  This rabbit is part of biologists' work to learn more about the interchange between pygmy rabbit populations living in sagebrush habitats near Bannack and Lemhi passes in southeastern Idaho and southwestern Montana.  The work includes genetic sampling and monitoring of the movements of marked rabbits to determine how far juvenile rabbits disperse.

Pygmy Rabbit

Last year, about 2,000 Montanans took part in wildlife projects studying the habits of pygmy rabbits, helping conserve cavity-nesting birds, and doing research on bird species dependent upon wetland and riparian habitats.

Were they members of a select group? How did they single out these projects? How did they make such a meaningful contribution? The answers are no, they didn't, and easy—by checking the box on their income tax form marked with the eagle symbol.

Last year about 2,000 Montanans' tax-deductible contributions provided more than $25,000 to help support wildlife viewing opportunities in the state.

Montana’s nongame wildlife species are highly "watchable," on the land, in the air and the water. In addition to cavity-nesting birds and pygmy rabbits they include: hawks, owls, loons, frogs, chipmunks, and birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, and finches—among many other species.  

By checking the box next to the eagle on your 2005 income tax form, you are making a tax-deductible contribution that will be used to enhance wildlife viewing opportunities and benefit some of Montana’s lesser-known wildlife species.

So, as you or your tax accountant prepare your 2005 Montana tax return, please take the time to locate the eagle and make the check-off that counts for Montana’s nongame wildlife. More information about FWP’s Nongame Wildlife can be found on FWP’s Nongame Wildlife Checkoff web page.