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FWP Issues Boundary and Regulation Corrections to Deer and Elk Hunting District 309

Headlines - Region 3

Mon Jun 27 00:00:00 MDT 2005

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has issued a correction to the regulations for deer and elk hunting district 309 in the Gallatin Valley.


The boundary legal description for hunting district 309 was published incorrectly. The hunting district is a Special Weapons Restriction Area with one exclusion zone. The exclusion zone is in the Fort Ellis area on some private lands, where no weapons restrictions apply. Within the exclusion zone, hunting of deer and elk with rifles is allowed. The corrected legal description can be viewed on the FWP website by clicking on the Hunt Planner or at the Region 3 Headquarters in Bozeman.


Created in 2005, the new hunting district 309 was originally made up of four hunting districts: 301, 311, 312, and 393 and was formerly called the Gallatin Valley Weapons Restricted Area. The creation of hunting district 309 allows FWP to better manage deer and elk populations in the Gallatin Valley and simplify the deer and elk hunting regulations. The only legal weapons for hunting of big game in special weapons restriction areas include archery equipment, shotgun, traditional handgun, muzzleloader, or crossbow.


In addition, due to a misprint in the 2005 deer and elk hunting regulations, antlerless white-tailed deer can be taken in hunting district 309 during the archery-only season only under a single Region 3 antlerless white-tailed deer B license.


The elk hunting season in 309 begins September 1st and is for antlerless elk only. For additional information, contact the Region 3 Headquarters in Bozeman at 406-994-4042.