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Big Game Hunters And Mountain Lion Encounters


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Big game hunters, who often disguise their human scent and dress in hunter orange and camouflage colors, are likely to encounter a variety of wildlife on the hunt, including mountain lions.

Hunters who take note and report these sightings during FWP's post-season hunter harvest surveys, are important participants in ongoing research to learn more about mountain lion populations, their locations and numbers.

While many hunters report seeing a mountain lion while hunting, attacks on hunters are nearly non-existent. Seasoned hunters know, if they see a mountain lion, to give it room and allow it to move on. In most cases, if a lion is visible to a hunter it is because the lion didn't catch the hunter's scent, or camouflage clothing masked the hunter effectively.

Here are some additional tips for hunters who may encounter a lion while big game hunting.

* Slowly back away while maintaining eye contact.

* Do not run, do not turn your back.

* Be vocal and talk calmly and regularly.

* Appear larger than you are by raising your arms or your jacket above your head.