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Women's Outdoor Skills Scholarships Available


Thu Jul 22 00:00:00 MDT 2004

Scholarships are available for a limited number of women to attend the “Becoming an Outdoors-Woman” (BOW) workshop this summer. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is sponsoring the 11th annual BOW summer workshop August 13-15, at Lubrecht Forest near Missoula.

“Several $100 scholarships and one $125 scholarship are available to anyone in need, but especially for single head of household mothers and college students,” said Liz Lodman, FWP BOW coordinator.

Lodman said some classes are filled, but classes with space available include fly tying; outdoor survival; Dutch oven cooking; hunting dogs; rifle and shotgun shooting; and bait and lure fishing and others.

New BOW classes this year include wilderness first aid; hunting dogs; outdoor fitness and an overnight mock-survival experience.

Volunteer instructors, many of them women, teach BOW workshops. They are geared toward beginners and stress hands-on learning experiences.

The BOW workshop is approximately $185, including class instruction, meals and lodging. Teachers who attend the workshop can receive OPI continuing education credit.

The workshop is designed for women, but is open to anyone 18 years of age and over with a desire to learn new skills.

To receive more information, provide your name and mailing address to the BOW Coordinator at FWP-BOW, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701, (406-444-3188); or e-mail Lorraine Karwaski at