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FWP Provides Hunters With Access Tools


Wed Sep 24 00:00:00 MDT 2003

To help hunters determine who owns the land where they want to hunt, FWP has developed a Directory of Montana Maps that explains how to find maps that identify both public and private land ownership. 

 "Identifying land ownership is a necessary part of hunting in Montana nowadays," says Alan Charles, FWP coordinator of landowner/sportsman relations.  "Hunters have to do their homework, know where they are, and ask local people about ownership and property boundaries."  Hunters are required by law to obtain landowner permission before hunting on private land. 

Two other useful brochures available at FWP offices are the Guide to Recreational Use of State Trust Lands and Montana Access Guide to Federal and State Lands.

To help hunters in communicating access information with private landowners, FWP also offers Access Courtesy Cards.  These pocket-sized booklets of six cards provide hunters with a handy means of exchanging essential information with landowners who provide access. Hunters can complete portions of the cards prior to approaching a landowner to seek permission, with the landowner completing the card and retaining a portion for his records.  Hunters retain the other portion of the card as proof of permission and a convenient record for sending thank-you cards after the hunting trip.

Map directories and Access Courtesy Cards are available at all FWP regional headquarters, or can be requested by writing to FWP- Field Services, PO Box 200701, Helena, MT  59620-0701, or by calling (406) 444-2602.