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FWP Offers New Internet Hunt Planner


Fri Apr 27 00:00:00 MDT 2001

Montana hunters can now turn to FWP online to plan big game hunting trips.

FWP's"Interactive Hunt Planner" allows users to select a species to hunt and then quickly provides information from Montana's Big Game Hunting Regulations and easy-to-use data bases. The planner also displays hunting districts against Montana's new digital highway map.Additional options provide topographic maps and land-ownership maps that can also show big-game species distributions. The hunt planner's mapping power was developed in partnership with the Natural Resource Information System in Helena.

Several of the planner's databases also contain harvest statistics, special-drawing statistics, information on harvest quotas, and special hunting-district opening and closing dates associated with specific hunting areas.

"We designed this interactive program with the hunter's needs in mind," said Janet Hess-Herbert, leader of FWP's website team. "We think it will be a useful as well as educational tool for hunters and others interested in Montana's wildlife."

The Interactive Hunt Planner is free and can be accessed at planner contains information on antelope, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, and mountain goats. A black bear component is under development and expected to be on line in May. Future enhancements will include additional game species distribution maps, sunrise and sunset zones, and Wildlife Management Area locations.