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FWP Employees Recognized By Governor


Fri Oct 27 00:00:00 MDT 2000

Governor Marc Racicot recently recognized three Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks employees in a group of state employees honored by the governor for outstanding performance in public service. Harley Sorrells, Mike Moore and Randy Arnold received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Performance and were recognized during a luncheon with the FWP Commission on Oct. 6 in Helena.

Harley Sorrells, manager of Cooney State Park for the last eight years and a resident of Joliet, played a central role in creating the park's current family-oriented, well-maintained presence. Cooney State Park is 22-miles southwest of Laurel. Before his work at Cooney State Park, Sorrells designed and fabricated the exhibits at Chief Plenty Coups State Park. He has 28 years of service with FWP.

Also recognized by the Governor were Mike Moore, Warden Sergeant in Miles City, with 11 years of FWP service, and Randy Arnold, Game Warden in Forsyth, with five years of FWP service. Moore and Arnold, working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, investigated an illegal hunting operation in the Forsyth area that led to the indictment of seven individuals on 28 felony Lacey Act charges in federal court. The Lacey Act makes it a federal crime to transport interstate, purchase or sell wildlife taken in violation of state law.