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Holter Lake Fishing Regulation Reminder


Tue Jun 27 00:00:00 MDT 2000

In response to numerous complaints about some anglers taking more walleye and trout from Holter Reservoir than the regulations allow, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens operated a fish check station last week near the popular fishery north of Helena.

More than 350 anglers were contacted at the check station and a number of problems were discovered, according to FWP Warden Captain Terry Hill. "We talked to hundreds of campers, boaters and anglers and it was pretty clear that several important fish regulations on Holter Lake are not being followed. We found some folks transporting fish in live wells, some had already cut up and filleted their walleye."

Hill asked that all Holter Lake anglers understand and follow these regulations:

  • It is illegal to transport live fish in live wells from Holter Reservoir (See Statewide Fishing Regulation, page 7). No live fish may be transported away from the body of water in which they were taken.
  • It is illegal to fillet walleye on Holter Dam because the regulations set a harvest limit of 5 fish under 20 inches and one fish over 28 inches. In order to measure the walleye coming out of the lake, anglers must keep the fish whole in order for FWP officials to measure each fish. (Also see the Statewide Fishing Regulations on page 11.)
  • Anglers on Holter Dam must keep the entire skin attached to trout fillets (See Statewide Fishing Regulations Page 11). This regulation was established to help FWP wardens identify filleted fish.