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Reminder For Black Bear Hunters


Fri May 26 00:00:00 MDT 2000

Black bear hunting season closed May 15 in most 100, 200, 300 bear management areas. Black bear hunting was closed early in bear management areas 510 and 520 because harvest quotas were met. Hunting continues until May 31 in the following bear management areas: 103,106,107, 240, 216, 301, 317, 319, the 400 series, and 580. Bear management areas 316 and 341 will remain open until June 15.

The Gallatin closed-area, a portion of bear management unit 341, is closed to all black bear hunting and serves as a buffer zone next to Yellowstone National Park. Deckard Flats, the Eagle Creek portion of Bear Management area 341, is subject to closure of all hunting on 24-hour notice.