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FWP Commission Seeks Public Comment on River Conflict Policy


Thu May 18 00:00:00 MDT 2000

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking public comment through June 9 on a river conflict policy which has been developed over the last year. The Commission tentatively adopted the policy at a May 12 public meeting and will adopt a final policy soon, possibly at its June 15 meeting in Helena.

Public comment made earlier has been incorporated into the proposed policy. The Commission is now seeking comment in particular on a single revision requested by the public to clarify a section (III.10) relating to the present and future allocation of the recreational use of a river. Representatives of commercial interests were concerned the previous language may have hindered the sale or transfer of a business.

The full text of the proposed policy can be obtained by calling FWP at 406-444-3196 or will be made available on the FWP web site at, under "What's New." Comments can be made directly on the web site, or mailed to FWP, attention Paul Sihler, FWP Field Services Division, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT., 59620-0701.