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Fri May 12 00:00:00 MDT 2000

Hopeful hunters have until June 1 to submit applications to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for antelope licenses, deer B licenses, and special elk and deer permits that are annually awarded through special drawings.

Hunters who want to pursue antlered mule deer bucks in 20 hunting districts in southwestern Montana also need to apply for the first time for a special permit by June 1. All other hunting districts within the former Southwestern-8 hunting area once requiring license validations are open to any hunter with a general Deer A license.

Hunters who receive a special permit for taking an antlered mule deer buck-whether in the hunting districts in southwestern Montana or anywhere else in the state-are restricted to taking a mule deer buck in the location specified on the permit and can not hunt mule deer bucks anywhere else in the state.

Special permits, issued only through the annual special drawing, will be required to hunt mule deer bucks during both archery and rifle seasons in the following southwestern Montana hunting districts:

HD 202-150 permits--see page 34

HD 204-01-Unlimited-see page 34

HD 210-01-100 permits--see page 35

HD 240-01--Unlimited-see page 36

HD 250--Unlimited-see page 36

HD 261-01-25 permits--see page 37

HD 270-01-50 permits--see page 37

HD 281--Unlimited--see page 38

HD 291-200 permits--see page 39

HD 292--Unlimited--see page 39

HD 300-40 permits--see page 40

HD 312 East-125 permits-see page 41

HD 318--Unlimited-see page 43

HD 324-35 permits--see page 44

HD 335--Unlimited-see page 46

HD 339--Unlimited-see page 46

HD 343--Unlimited-see page 47

HD 380--Unlimited-see page 48

HD 391--Unlimited-see page 49

HD 392--Unlimited-see page 49

Page numbers refer to the pages in the 2000 Hunting Regulations that cover that particular hunting district

Hunters should check their 2000 Hunting Regulations and apply by June 1 for any permits required in a hunting district they plan to hunt.