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Fri Apr 28 00:00:00 MDT 2000

Fishing enthusiasts have a valuable tool at their fingertips, the Montana Fish Stocking Plan 2000. Anglers can answer almost any question they may have about the state's fish-stocking plan, and impress their friends with their inside information, by going to the FWP web site or by calling 406-444-2449 to request a print copy of the plan.

Those with access to the web can go to, under "Fishing" and click on the 2000 Fish Stocking Plan. This page allows a user to search the stocking plan based on what he or she wants to know. For example, want to see what waters the hatchery near you stocks and with what species? Just go to the hatchery line, type in the name of the hatchery, and click search. A list of waters stocked by that hatchery appears, with details on the different fish species stocked, number and size fish stocked in each water, egg source, and reason for stocking the water.

Or maybe you've always wondered if the fish you catch on your favorite lake might be stocked by FWP. Just enter the lake name on the water name line and click search. A listing of the species stocked in that lake, the hatchery where they are raised, the egg source, the reason for the stocking and the size and number of fish stocked will appear. Montana does not stock trout in rivers or streams that support wild - or naturally reproducing - trout.

Real angler aficionados will be able to fill in all the lines on the electronic format-water name, county, species, strain, hatchery, egg source-to get an instant update on their favorite water. While it may be fun to try to fill in all the blanks correctly, it isn't necessary to get valuable information on the stocking of waters in Montana.

While you're visiting the site don't miss FWP Talk. Register in order to make your comments on line, or simply click on search and enter a key word to locate past "conversations" on topics of interest to anglers.