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Block Management Offers Hunting Access To 7.3 Million Acres


Fri Oct 15 00:00:00 MDT 1999

FWP's 1999 Block Management Program has enrolled about 930 landowners and nearly 7.3 million acres for public hunting access to private lands and isolated public lands. The big game general hunting season opens on Sunday, Oct. 24.

To reduce hunting pressure on some Block Management Areas (BMAs), some landowners have instituted rest days, hunter limits, and alternating days of big game and bird hunting.

"The program has gotten so popular that some areas are simply receiving too much pressure," according to Alan Charles, FWP landowner/sportsman coordinator. "Without more funding, we cannot enroll more landowners to disperse the hunting pressure, so we are faced with limiting hunter use on some BMAs."

Hunters are reminded that no hunter or party of hunters may reserve more than one BMA per day, and hunters who fail to notify landowners in advance if a reservation must be cancelled may forfeit future access privileges to that BMA.

"Hunters should consider BMAs as just one of many options for hunting access," Charles said. "Many private landowners who are not enrolled will also allow public access to hunters who ask politely. In addition, there are millions of acres of legally-accessible public land available to hunters who do their research."

To obtain a regional list of landowners enrolled in the 1999 program, or to inquire about a specific BMA, hunters should contact the local FWP office in the region where they plan to hunt.