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Nominees Sought To Serve On Future Fisheries Review Panel


Fri Jul 30 00:00:00 MDT 1999

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Governor's office are seeking nominations, or applications, from individuals for Montanans willing to serve on the Future Fisheries Improvement Program Review Panel.

The panel consists of 13 individuals. One individual from each of the following categories will be selected: 1) irrigated agriculture, 2) licensed angler (representing warmwater interests), 3) high school student, 4) silviculture, and 5) fisheries biology.

The Future Fisheries Improvement Program, created by the 1995 Legislature, provides fishing license dollars to restore essential habitats for the growth and propagation of wild fish populations in lakes, rivers and streams. The bull trout and cutthroat trout enhancement program created by the 1999 legislature provides a special category of funds for projects that benefit these species. The panel is responsible for reviewing applications for program funding every six months. The panel determines which proposals are eligible for funding, approves or rejects proposed projects and forwards a list of approved projects the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission.

Projects must accomplish one or more of the following: 1) improve or maintain fish passage; 2) restore or protect naturally functioning stream channels or banks; 3) restore or protect naturally functioning riparian areas; 4) prevent loss of fish into diversions; 5) restore or protect essential habitats for spawning; 6) enhance streamflow in dewatered reaches to improve fisheries; 7) restore or protect genetically pure native fish populations; 8) improve fishing in a lake or reservoir; or 9) otherwise restore or protect habitat for wild fish populations.

Nominations or applications should be sent to Patrick J. Graham, Director, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701. Please include a brief statement indicating why you or your nominee is interested in serving. Nominations must be received by November 1, 1999. Members will serve two-year terms and may be re-appointed. If you have questions, please contact FWP at 444-5334.