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Sandhill Crane Applications Due July 1


Fri Jun 18 00:00:00 MDT 1999

July 1 is the application deadline for special permits to hunt sandhill cranes. The four limited permit areas to hunt sandhill cranes in Montana are:

Central Flyway - September 11-19

Sweet Grass/Wheatland counties (30 permits)

Pacific Flyway - September 11-12 and September 18-19

2) Dillon-Twin Bridges (65 permits)

3) Warm Springs (15 permits)

4) Ovando-Helmville (15 permits)

Applicants must apply in writing to: FWP, License Section, Sandhill Crane Drawing, PO Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701. Applicants must include their printed name and their signature, their address, date of birth, 1999 Conservation License number, a $3 nonrefundable drawing fee and an indication of the hunting area for which they seek a permit: the Madison-Beaverhead area, the Warm Springs area, the Ovando-Helmville area or the Sweet Grass-Wheatland area. Applicants may apply for a permit in only one area and hunters will be limited to taking one (1) crane in any area during the upcoming season. In Sweet Grass County, the area south of Interstate 90 remains closed to crane hunting.

To hunt sandhill cranes north and east of I-90 in the Central Flyway hunters must obtain a free permit. Permits will be available in early August.