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Commission Sets Tentative Trapping Regulations For 1999-2000


Fri Jun 18 00:00:00 MDT 1999

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission has adopted tentative furbearer trapping and hunting regulations for the 1999-2000 season. Several proposals that emerged from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Trapping Advisory Committee are in the tentatives, including new definitions of water, ground and other trap sets. The commission also tentatively adopted a series of regulations that specifically outline where and how traps can be set near public roads, occupied dwellings, public campgrounds, and skiing and hiking trails.

The 10-member Trapping Advisory Committee was asked to provide recommendations in the form of regulation changes or as educational initiatives that could be incorporated into Montana's Trapper Education program.

Other changes tentatively adopted by the commission address the taking of non-targeted species, new requirements for trappers to return to the trap site upon request by an FWP official, and for trappers to provide harvest data for lynx, bobcat, otter, wolverine, fisher, and marten. Trappers and hunters would be further required to personally report a bobcat kill within 24 hours to an FWP official in the trapping district where the animal was taken. Special regulations were tentatively adopted for beaver trapping within the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area, north of Helena, and for general trapping within the Warm Springs Wildlife Management Area, near Warm Springs. At the Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area near Fairfield the trapping area has been adjusted from four trapping units to two units.

Tentative regulations adopted also include an increase in the bobcat harvest from the present 140 to 160 in western Montana's District 2.

Comments on the tentatives regulations will be accepted through July 15. Copies are available from the Wildlife Division, Montana FWP, PO Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701