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Moose, Sheep, Goat License Deadline Is May 1


Fri Apr 23 00:00:00 MDT 1999

The application deadline for licenses to hunt moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats this fall is May 1.

The deadline for applying for antelope, special elk and deer B licenses and deer permits is June 1.

Hunters should remember when filling out their applications that since 1991 those who have been successful in drawing a license for a moose, sheep or goat must wait for a period of seven years before they can apply for the same species again. The exception is that in the case of bighorn sheep hunters, those who received an unlimited license or limited license to take a ewe (female) sheep are not restricted from applying again. But anyone who received a limited either-sex or legal ram license is prohibited from applying for any limited or unlimited sheep license again for a period of seven years.

Regulations governing the hunting of all these species will appear, as they have previously, in the Big Game Hunting Regulations published by FWP, and which are now available at license agents and FWP offices. Application and hunting regulations also can be found on FWP's website at