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FWP Biologists Receive Awards From Grizzly Bear Committee


Fri Dec 18 00:00:00 MST 1998

Three Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists specializing in management of bears received awards from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) during the committee's recent meeting in Missoula.

Receiving the awards were: Kevin Frey, bear specialist for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem headquartered at FWP's Region 3 office in Bozeman; Mike Madel, the state wildlife agency's bear management biologist along the Rocky Mountain East Front; and Tim Manley, a bear researcher based at FWP's Region 1 office in Kalispell who has spent much time developing aversive conditioning techniques to prevent recurrent bear problems in areas highly populated by humans.

The three men were recognized by the multi-state and federal agency committee for their "outstanding contribution to grizzly bear recovery and conservation by working closely with local people to resolve human/grizzly bear conflicts." The plaques they received in conjunction with their awards stated: "Your time, commitments and leadership are appreciated."

Chris Smith, chief of staff for FWP in Helena, lauded the three award recipients for "their outstanding work in managing grizzly bears in Montana and their efforts to further the recovery of the species. Their exemplary efforts are helping to ensure that grizzly bears and people can coexist even as we move into the world of amazing technological advances and human population growth promised for the 21st Century."

The IGBC also presented Governor Marc Racicot with an award for his "thoughtful, balanced comments and suggestions" on the proposal to reintroduce grizzlies to the Bitterroot ecosystem and his leadership in grizzly bear recovery in Montana.