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"Welcome Home" To State Parks With An "Early Bird" Passport


Fri Nov 20 00:00:00 MST 1998

For those of you who call Montana "home" and to those of you who feel "at home" when you visit Montana, State Park "Early Bird" Passports goes on sale December 1 at a 20 percent savings for everyone!

At a price of just $16, with the passport you'll be welcomed to all of Montana's 41 State Parks from December 1, 1998, through February 28, 2000. Passports make great stocking stuffers for your outdoor family adventurers or for your friends. Montana State Parks offer a real experience ... not fantasy, not virtual reality. For the cost of about three movie tickets, five video rentals, or a small percentage of your monthly cable TV bill, you can experience over a year of hands-on, real life adventures at all of Montana's state parks.

Our parks offer something for everyone! Montana state parks include homes to the dinosaurs of the past, as well as a wonderful diversity of present-day animals and plants. You can visit parks that were homes for prehistoric people, explorers, settlers, Indians and mystical creatures. Whatever draws you out into Montana's great outdoors, we have a place for you to experience her very best.

So "Welcome Home," Montana ... to Montana's state parks. Come often and stay long!