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Commercial Users Of FWP Properties Must Register


Fri Jul 17 00:00:00 MDT 1998

Commercial users of state-owned fishing access sites, wildlife management areas and other Fish, Wildlife & Parks properties should contact their nearest FWP office to ensure they will be properly registered to use those sites.

This spring, the Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission approved FWP's request to institute a registration process to identify users of its many properties around the state. Those sites include fishing access sites, wildlife management areas and all other properties owned or managed by FWP.

Tom Reilly, fishing access site coordinator for FWP in Helena, said that although many users can be determined from use statistics compiled by licensed outfitters and guides, as well as tour companies and other businesses that have historically used the sites, there may be numerous other users of which FWP is not aware. Commercial users, he explained, may include for-profit rafting companies, vehicle shuttle services, eco-tourism companies and the like, in addition to licensed outfitters and guides.

"Besides the obvious types of commercial users that we're aware of," Reilly said, "there may be other users that none of us [FWP officials] have heard about."

Reilly said the commercial use registration process will continue through the summer and fall of 1998, with data collected over the period to be compiled on a statewide basis during the winter of 1999. He emphasized that during this summer and fall's initial commercial use registration period, no commercial use fees will be charged those who register with FWP. The only fee assessed, Reilly noted, will be a $10 administrative fee for those commercial businesses that are not currently licensed or registered with the Montana Board of Outfitters.

If they haven't been contacted by FWP already, persons who plan to, or think they might, use FWP properties for commercial purposes in the future are urged to contact their nearest FWP office or to call Reilly at 406-444-7885.