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Montana Sets Deadline For Buying Spring Bear Licenses


Fri Feb 27 00:00:00 MST 1998

Hunters--if you are planning on heading up to the high country of Montana for some black bear hunting this spring, TAKE NOTE:

* Black bear licenses (both resident and nonresident) to be used during Montana's 1998 spring black bear hunting season (beginning April 15) must be purchased by April 14; black bear licenses purchased after that date can be used only to hunt bears during the 1998 fall season; they cannot be used anytime during the spring season.

* In addition, no 1998 black bear licenses will be sold after August 31 (the 1998 fall season begins on September 15 in most hunting districts).

Both the spring and fall black bear license purchase deadlines have been designed to reduce illegal hunting of bears.

In the past, black bear licenses could be purchased by both residents and nonresident hunters anytime during the year. That being the case, visiting nonresident hunters could simply stop by a Fish, Wildlife & Parks office or license agent upon their arrival in the state and buy a nonresident black bear license, even if a season, either spring or fall, had already begun. However, now those licenses need to be purchased before the seasons begin.

But nonresident hunters hoping to hunt black bears in Montana this spring and planning to arrive after April 14 may call Fish, Wildlife & Parks (406) 444-2535 and request applications for purchasing their 1998 black bear licenses through the mail. FWP officials ask that nonresident hunters wishing to purchase 1998 black bear licenses by mail request license applications as soon as possible and allow three weeks for processing their applications.