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Comments Sought On Fishing Access Site Camping Fee Proposals


Fri Oct 24 00:00:00 MDT 1997

The Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is now accepting comments on a proposal to charge camping fees at an additional 18 FWP-administered fishing access sites (FAS) throughout Montana.

Fees currently are charged at 13 FASs. Camping fees at these sites and the new sites being considered would be $5 per night. Most of the 18 new sites for which the camping fees are proposed were selected on the criteria of high nonresident use, high non-angling use, cost-effectiveness of fee collection, proximity to sites at which fees are charged or degree of resource damage due to overuse. At the sites selected, increased numbers of campers and extended use of these sites have necessitated replacement of worn-out latrines and other facilities, mandated more frequent pumping of latrines, increased noxious weed concerns and produced more trash and litter problems.

Comments on this proposal are being accepted through November 4. Public open houses will be held at most FWP regional offices late in October or early in November. The FWP Commission is scheduled to take action on the proposal at its November 7 meeting in Helena.