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Deer Regulations Change In Hunting District 630


Fri Oct 24 00:00:00 MDT 1997

Out of concern for extremely low numbers of mule deer in Hunting District 630, which lies southwest of Glasgow in northeastern Montana, the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission on Friday, October 10, enacted an emergency regulation that will prohibit hunters from taking antlerless mule deer in the district during the upcoming general deer and elk hunting season. The season begins on Sunday, October 26.

The district, which was slated to be open during the general season to the hunting of one deer of either sex and either species (either white-tailed or mule deer) by holders of 1997 Deer A licenses, will now be for any antlered mule deer or either-sex white-tailed deer only; antlerless mule deer will not be legal game.

Hunters with questions concerning this regulation change are urged to contact their local game warden or nearest FWP office.