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Tip-mont Board Awards $2,750 To Callers


Thu Jul 03 00:00:00 MDT 1997

That Montanans remain concerned about the welfare of our wildlife resources is evidenced by the continuing use of FWP's toll-free--800-TIP-MONT--hotline (800-847-6668) to report observed or expected violations of state fish and game laws.

At a recent meeting, the TIP-MONT program's Board of Directors awarded $2,750 in cash rewards to seven of those who offered tips leading to the apprehension of violators.

According to Mark Earnhardt, program manager for Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Enforcement Division in Helena, since the program's inception in 1985 a total of $48,200 has been rewarded to those who have supplied tips through FWP's Turn In Poachers program. Most tipsters have not desired rewards, he explained. "They simply want people who abuse wildlife or the fish and game laws to be caught and punished."

"Montanans owe all those who have called TIP-MONT to date a great deal of appreciation," he said. "Those providing information are a first line of defense against poaching and are among a game warden's best friends."

He noted that providing information in an accurate and timely manner not only may help wardens bring wildlife law violators to justice, but also "may save wildlife that might have been a target for the violator in the future."

Callers can remain anonymous and still receive a reward.