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Bowhunter Education Classes End In July


Fri May 23 00:00:00 MDT 1997

Planning to bowhunt this fall? If so, now is the time to start your planning. That's because if you are an experienced bowhunter and didn't hang on to a previous year's bowhunting license, you may be required to take a bowhunter education course. And you may need to act quickly -- bowhunter education classes will end July 31 and no more classes will be taught until after January 1998.

Who needs a class? Regulations state that:

* All resident youths 12 through 17 years of age are required to present a Montana Hunter Education Certificate when purchasing any hunting license. These same youths also are required to present a Montana Bowhunter Education Certificate to purchase a bow and arrow license.

* Adult bowhunters must show a previous year's license that allowed them to bowhunt in any state or province or a certificate of completion from the Bowhunter Education course. Those bowhunters who cannot show proof of holding any prior year's license must complete a bowhunter education class. The only exception would be that those bowhunters who possessed the immediate prior year's bowhunting license (1996) from any state or province may purchase a 1996 duplicate/affirmation (fee $5) and use the duplicate to purchase a 1997 stamp. This applies to both resident and non-resident hunters.

For more information, or a schedule of Bowhunter Education classes in your area, contact your nearest FWP office.