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Missoula Student Wins 1997 State Parks Poster Contest


Friday, April 25, 1997

A poster produced by Bryan Foley, a fifth-grade student at Lewis & Clark School in Missoula, has been selected as the winner of Montana's 1997 State Parks Poster Contest. Foley's entry, a colorful, watercolor depiction of a time gone by when bison roamed the plains and Indian tepees were the only human dwellings within sight of what is now Madison Buffalo Jump State Park near Three Forks, was selected by a panel of five judges April 11 in Helena. The contest, conducted by the state Parks Division since 1992 as a means to promote awareness of Montana's state parks and the many recreational and educational opportunities they afford, was open to all fifth graders in Montana. The theme for this year's contest was the historical essence of Montana preserved by state parks. By having his poster selected as the winning entry, Bryan will receive a $150 savings bond and a T-shirt with his poster screened on the front. His school will receive a parks-related video and books for its library. A poster by Kindra Clark-Snustad, a student at Clancy Elementary School southwest of Helena, took second place in the contest, earning the young artist a $100 savings bond and a poster T-shirt. Savings bonds of $50 and poster shirts will be presented to Jennifer Bushnell, of the Emily Dickenson School in Bozeman, Jake McDonald, of Eureka Elementary, and Katie Childs, a fifth-grader at Cold Springs Elementary School in Missoula, for their tie as third-place finishers in the poster contest. The winning entries will be displayed in the lobby of FWP's Helena headquarters beginning on May 19 and then travel to FWP's regional offices around the state. For information on the display schedule, contact FWP's Debbie Cheek in Helena at 444-4701.