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Fwp, Wildlife Federation To Co-host Mule Deer Symposium


Fri Mar 28 00:00:00 MST 1997

What is the future of mule deer in Montana? What are the most significant factors responsible for the recent decline in mule deer populations in the Rocky Mountain region? What management strategies are now being used by various western states in an attempt to improve populations, and how are they working?

Those questions and others related to them will be at the center of discussions at the Montana Mule Deer Symposium, to be held on Saturday, April 5, in Bozeman. The Montana Wildlife Federation, in conjunction with its affiliated sportsmen's organizations, and Fish, Wildlife & Parks are co-hosting the event, which will take place at the Elk's Club, 106 East Babcock, from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.

According to symposium planners, attendees will take part in an educational and problem-solving forum stimulated by concerns expressed by Montana sportsmen and -women about Montana's mule deer populations. At the symposium state wildlife biologists from Wyoming, Idaho and Montana specializing in deer management will discuss the status of mule deer populations and management philosophies in their states, mule deer biology, population variations, habitat requirements, hunting regulations and seasons and a variety of other topics related to mule deer. The goal of these summits is to share information and to increase awareness of those factors that affect the health of Montana's mule deer populations and the experience of hunters.

The symposium is open free-of-charge to all who wish to attend. Although no registration fee is required, those who plan to attend are asked to please call (800) 517-7256 to give those planning the event an idea of how many persons will be attending. For more information on the symposium, call the Montana Wildlife Federation at (406) 449-7604 or FWP in Helena at (406) 444-4038.