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A recent conversation with a friend brought about one of those questions that periodically shake the foundations of Western civilization.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/31/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks encourages Montanans and visitors to "inspect, clean, and dry," boats, trailers and fishing gear to "Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!"
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/31/2014)

The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission recently adopted rules and an annual wolf quota completing the process necessary to allow private landowners to take a limited number of wolves per year that potentially threaten livestock, domestic dogs or human safety.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/31/2014)

Hunters can buy over-the-counter antelope licenses and surplus licenses for deer B, elk B and antelope beginning Monday, Aug. 4, but in some areas very few licenses are available so they're expected to go fast.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/31/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will conduct hearings on Aug. 14 at several locations on proposed new rules to establish a voluntary wolf management stamp for anyone to make a donation to Montana's wolf management program.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/24/2014)

Anglers need to be aware of the laws regarding the transport of live fish, which varies by fishing district.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/23/2014)

At least nine trailered boats checked recently at Montana's roadside watercraft inspection stations have been found to be transporting live fish, which is illegal in Montana's Western and Central Fishing Districts.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/23/2014)

Montana fisheries officials and major statewide angling groups signed an agreement recently aimed at curbing the spread of illegal fish introductions into state waters.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 07/07/2014)

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