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2018-2019 Ice Fishing Contests Proposed


Thursday, August 09, 2018

Each year, groups and organizations around Montana celebrate a treasured winter tradition with local ice fishing contests.

These contests are permitted by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks through a public process to ensure the contest meet regulations and will have no negative impact to the fishery.

Not only are these contests, or derbies, a fun way to fish Montana’s waters year around, but they often support a great local cause.

“Ice fishing is just one of the many ways Montanans enjoy winter months in Big Sky Country and these contests are one of the many fishing opportunities we manage at FWP,” said Eileen Ryce, Fisheries Administrator for FWP.

Public comment on the fishing contests should be emailed to by Sept 7.

To view more contest details, go to

The following are the ice fishing contests and dates proposed for the upcoming winter season:

Northwestern Montana, Region 1

Dec. 15

Perch Assault – Smith Lake

Dec. 29

Sunriser Lions Family Fishing Derby - Smith Lake

Jan. 12

Wild West Panfish Trail – Smith Lake

Jan. 19

Tobacco Valley Rod & Gun Sophie Lake Derby

Jan. 26-27

Bull Lake Ice Fishing Derby - Bull Lake

Jan. 26-27

Fisher River Valley Fire/Rescue Winter Fishing Derby - Thompson Chain of Lakes

Feb. 1-23

Perch Pounder - All Region 1 Lakes

Feb. 2

Perch Assault – Middle/Lower Thompson Lakes

Feb. 9

Ryan Wagner Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Murphy Lake

Feb. 9-10

The Lodge at McGregor Lake – McGregor Lake

Feb. 16

Snappy's Lake Mary Ronan Perch and Salmon Derby - Lake Mary Ronan

Feb. 23

  Canyon Kids Christmas Fund Fishing Derby - Lion Lake

Feb. 24

Wild West Panfish Trail – Upper Thompson Lake

Mar. 2

  Perch Assault – Lake Mary Ronan

Mar. 9-10

Tobacco Valley Rod & Gun Rainbow Derby – Lake Koocanusa


South Central Montana, Region 3

Jan. 20

Hebgen Lake NAIFC Qualifier - Hebgen Lake

Jan. 26

Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Clark Canyon Reservoir

North Central Montana, Region 4

Jan. 12

Valier Area Development Ice Fishing Derby - Lake Frances

Jan. 19

Western Bar Willow Creek Fishing Derby - Willow Creek Reservoir

Jan. 19-20

Central Montana Perch Derby – East Fork Reservoir

Jan. 26

Ackley Lake Club Ice Fishing Derby – Ackley Lake

Jan. 26-27

Broadwater Lions Perch Derby - Canyon Ferry

Northeastern Montana, Region 6

Jan. 26

21st Annual Chamber Ice Fishing Derby – Fort Peck Dredge Cuts

Jan. 26

Ice Classics - Nelson Reservoir

Jan. 26-27

Arctic Games – Fresno Reservoir

Feb. 9

Hell Creek Marina Ice Fishing Tournament - Fork Peck Reservoir - Hell Creek Bay

Feb. 22-24

44 Hours of Fort Peck – Fork Peck Reservoir