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Correction to 2016 Fishing Regs before Commission in March

Fishing - Region 4

Tue Feb 23 12:37:04 MST 2016

A correction to the 2016 Montana fishing regulations will be up for public comment at the March 10 Fish and Wildlife Commission.

            Trout Creek, an important rainbow trout spawning tributary to Hauser Reservoir near Helena, was not listed as closed during the winter and spring spawning season in the recently released regulations that go into effect March 1.

            Spawning fish in Trout Creek are particularly vulnerable to angling because the stream is relatively small, it is located near an urban center, and it is readily accessible from a public road.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks will ask the Commission to enact a seasonal stream closure consistent with several other small streams in the central fishing district. Angling in Trout Creek would be allowed from the third Saturday in May through November 30 each year.

            Public comment will be accepted on the FWP website, under the Commission link and at the Commission meeting.

            The Commission will meet 8:30 a.m., March 10, at the FWP headquarters

            The full agenda and additional information about the meeting are online at FWP’s website. FWP ensures its meetings are accessible to those with special needs. To request arrangements contact FWP at 406-444-3186.