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Fishing - Region 7

Fri May 24 14:48:00 MDT 2013

This spring and summer remember to inspect, clean and dry your boats, trailers and fishing gear to stop aquatic hitchhikers from taking hold in Montana.

As part of the state's prevention program, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will have boat inspection stations set up around the state. It is mandatory that boaters stop at these check stations.

            The "Inspect—Clean—Dry" slogan draws attention to a national problem threatening to take root in the West—aquatic hitchhikers. These life forms are non-native, harmful aquatic plants, animals or microscopic organisms—everything from zebra mussels to whirling disease—that can be transported from water to water by popular recreational activities like fishing and boating.
            The cost of invasive species damages in the U.S. amounts to more than $100 billion each year.
            "One of Montana's best defense against spreading invasive species while enjoying the outdoors is to inspect, clean, and dry boats, trailers, and fishing gear after each use," said Allison Begley, FWP’s aquatic invasive species coordinator in Helena. "We can control the spread of these invasive plant and animal species if we don't carry them from one water to the next."
Begley urges all boaters and anglers to always remember to:
1.      Inspect—After leaving a lake or stream, inspect your boat, engine, trailer, anchor, waders, boots, and other fishing and boating gear for mud, water, and vegetation that could carry aquatic invasive species.
2.      Clean—Completely remove all mud, water, and vegetation you find. Boaters should use a pressurized power sprayer, found at most do-it-yourself car washes. The hot water helps kill organisms and the pressure removes mud and vegetation. No need to use soap or chemicals.
3.      Dry—Aquatic invaders can survive only in water and wet areas. By draining and drying your boat and fishing gear thoroughly, you will kill most invasive species. The longer you keep your boat, trailer, waders and other gear outside in the hot sun between trips, the better.
             "If boaters and anglers get into the habit of carrying out this preventative maintenance, we’ll be able to decrease the number of troubling, expensive, unintentional introductions of harmful species in Montana," Begley said.
            To learn more, visit FWP's website at Click "Inspect. Clean. Dry."