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Bundy fishing access site closes for construction

Fishing - Region 5

Tue Aug 21 10:16:00 MDT 2012

BILLINGS — The Bundy fishing access site near Pompeys Pillar 30 miles east of Billings is closed for about 10 days for construction on the access road.
Construction crews are replacing a steel culvert under the access roadway, which was damaged by high water in 2011. The old, damaged culvert was removed earlier this week, leaving the road impassable. A crane needed to lift the new concrete culvert into place was delayed and will not be available until later.
The steel culvert washed out during flooding in July 2011. FWP contractors temporarily reseated the damaged steel culvert a year ago to provide limited public access to the Yellowstone River during the winter. Replacement with a new concrete structure was scheduled for May, but high water during spring runoff delayed the project until August.
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks anticipates that the crane will arrive at the site and construction will proceed in time to open the site to public use by Thursday, Aug. 30.