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Don't Be A Bucket Biologist: Avoid Illegal Introductions Of Fish


Fri Apr 27 11:31:00 MDT 2012

The threat of illegal fish introductions in Montana is greater than ever with today's heavy recreational use of the state's waters.

Illegally introduced fish and other aquatic species can:

  • harm native, wild and stocked fish populations;
  • spread disease;
  • impact water quality and aquatic habitat;
  • increase fishery management costs by requiring additional fish plants or chemical rehabilitation; and
  • diminish fishing opportunities in the state.

To report an illegal introduction, call 1-800-TIP-MONT.

FWP investigates potential illegal introductions, may prosecute violators, and can require restitution for the costs of removing the introduced species and re-establishing the original fishery.

If you witness an illegal fish introduction, please report it immediately by calling 1-800-TIP-MONT, that is 1-800-847-6668. For more information on TIP-MONT, go to the FWP website at

For more information on sound fishing practices, go to the FWP website at , and click on the Montana Fishing Guide, or pick up a copy of the Montana fishing regulations available at all FWP offices and license providers.