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Anglers Internet Fishing Guide An Ever Ready Tool


Mon Jun 27 11:15:00 MDT 2011

Anglers anxious to get in some fishing this July 4 holiday weekend can turn to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Internet fishing tool—the Montana Fishing Guide.

The Montana Fishing Guide is a compendium of what every angler needs to know to make the most of their time on Montana's waters. Whether it is a last minute trip to a family-oriented water with good opportunities for young anglers--or brushing up on the latest advice on aquatic invasive species—the online Montana Fishing Guide is the place to go.

At the Fishing Guide you can also study the attributes of nearly any water body in the state. Search by location or by fish species, show all the records or only those that offer favorite fish species. Don't miss the reports and maps.

The FWP Fishing Guide may be the most comprehensive guide to Montana's waters and fish available. For example, did you know the Missouri River is home to the emerald shiner and northern red belly dace as well as the shovelnose sturgeon and brown trout? If you aren't certain what a shovelnose sturgeon is, just click on its name for a quick trip to the Montana Field Guide.

Anglers planning a July 4 holiday fishing trip will find everything they need within a few clicks on the Montana Fishing Guide.