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I Do Love Those Fiesty Bass


Thu Apr 28 15:03:00 MDT 2011

FWP file photo of a largemouthed bass

Largemouthed Bass

It is true, I do love bass! I think it stems from the feisty attitude they have. I enjoy the many techniques you can use to fish for bass, from one exploding on a topwater bait, to hammering a crankbait in 20’ of water. They are such a unique species—depending on the day, or even within the same day, they can be caught about a million different ways. When it comes to fish, I am always drawn to bass.

Bass also have extremely keen eyesight, smell, and the ability to detect vibration. It all adds up to the perfect predator. That big circular mouth inhales worms, insects, fish, crayfish, frogs, lizards, salamanders, snakes and even birds! To say the least, bass are an opportunistic predator. Every time I go fishing for bass it feels more like a hunting excursion. Casting to the thick jungle of weeds or the impenetrable log fort looking for that big predator, it feels to me that the bass might actually be the one hunting me!