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The Memorable Eastern Brook Trout


Thu Apr 28 14:54:00 MDT 2011

Brook Trout

Brook Trout

The fish species I cherish the most is the Eastern brook trout. Some of my fondest memories of childhood fishing took place on my great uncle Bill’s property just outside of Polson. As a kid my family would take trips to the Flathead in the summer. I still remember being able to take a pole with about three feet of fishing line and a bare hook to the creek that ran behind my great uncle's house. We would catch brook trout for what seemed like hours.

You didn’t need expensive equipment or a lot of talent in those days. The trout were abundant enough that fishing didn’t require much patience either. You just needed to be sneaky. I especially remember the dark body with bright red spots surrounded by white halos and the blue sheen that appeared when you pulled them from the water.

I have worked with some highly coveted fish species in Montana, yet the eastern brook trout will always hold a special place with me because of these family memories.