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2010 Ice Fishing Derbies


Fri Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2009

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has approved the following ice fishing contests for winter 2010.   Participants must comply with state fishing regulations, including daily and possession limits.  

Details on fishing contests are on a tab on the FWP Web site at on the Fishing Guide page.

Final 2010 Ice Fishing Derbies

Northwestern Montana, Region 1

Jan. 2—Sunriser Lions Family Ice Fishing Derby on Smith Lake

Jan. 9—The Perch Assault on Upper Thompson Lake 

Jan. 16-17—Fisher River Valley Winter Fishing Derby on Lower, Middle & Upper Thompson Lakes, Crystal Lake and Loon Lake 

Jan. 30—The Perch Assault on Lower Stillwater

Feb. 1-27—Annual Perch Pounder on all Region 1 waters 

Feb. 6—The Perch Assault - Fishers of Men on Lake Mary Ronan

Feb. 6-7—McGregor Lake Resort Fishing Derby on McGregor Lake

Feb. 20—Ryan Wagner Memorial Scholarship Ice Fishing Derby on Murphy Lake

Feb. 20—10th Annual LMR Derby on Lake Mary Ronan

Feb. 27—Canyon Kids Christmas Fund Fishing Derby on Lion Lake

March 6—The Perch Assault - Lake Mary Ronan on Lake Mary Ronan

March 13-14—1st Annual Bitterroot Bash on Bitterroot Lake 

Southwestern Montana, Region 2

Jan. 16-17—Pike on Ice on Seeley and Salmon lakes

South Central Montana, Region 3

Jan. 23—Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby on Clark Canyon Reservoir

North Central Montana, Region 4

Jan. 23-24—5th Annual Central Montana Perch Derby on East Fork Reservoir

Jan. 23-24—Broadwater Lions Perch Derby on Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Jan. 30—Western Bar Ice Fishing Derby on Willow Creek Reservoir

Jan. 31—Utica Rod & Gun Club and Oxen Yoke Inn Fishing Derby on Ackley Lake

Feb. 13—Valier Volunteer Fire Department Fishing Derby on Lake Frances

Feb. 14—VFW Ice Fishing Derby on Newlan Reservoir                          

Northeastern Montana, Region 6

Jan. 23—3rd Annual Clinton Phipps Memorial Ice Fishing Derby on Fort Peck Reservoir

Jan. 17—Hell Creek Ice Fishing Tournament on Fort Peck Reservoir

Jan. 30—Murphy's 4th Annual Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament on Nelson Reservoir

Jan. 30-31—7th Annual Big Money Ice Fishing Derby on Lower Beaver Creek Reservoir

Feb. 20—14th Annual Ice Fishing Contest on Fort Peck Reservoir