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Second Montana Fish Poster Available


Thu Jul 22 00:00:00 MDT 2004

Fish of Montana poster number 2 in a series of 5.  FWP file photo.

Fish of Montana Poster #2

Want to know the difference between a spoonhead sculpin and a brook stickleback? Are you looking for a good picture of a walleye? Either way, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has a new poster for you.

FWP's popular Fish of Montana poster series continues its run with the release of the second poster in a series of five.

 Joe Tomelleri produced images for the posters. Tomelleri is an artist recognized nationally for his accurate fish reproductions.  Other information, along with an image of each fish, includes average size, origin, scientific name, and Montana distribution map.

Poster No. 2 features nine families and 14 species of fish.  One of them, the Perch Family, contains three of Montana’s most popular gamefish: the walleye, yellow perch, and sauger.

 Other species found on the poster are not quite as well-known, and include the native trout-perch, which is actually neither a trout nor a perch; the non-native Western mosquitofish, unique since it gives birth to live young and does not lay eggs; the Iowa darter, a native to Montana and one of the most colorful fish in the state; and the diminutive native brook stickleback, which at only two inches is one of the state’s smallest fish.

The Fish of Montana poster series is part of a larger FWP effort to educate Montanans about the states unique fisheries resources, and are available at all FWP Regional Offices.