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Now Anglers Can Plan Their Next Fishing Trip Online


Fri Apr 30 00:00:00 MDT 2004

Montana’s new online Fishing Guide is here just in time for the May 15 opening of fishing season on the state’s creeks and streams.

“The Fishing Guide is easy to use and packed with information anglers need,” said Janet Hess-Herbert, who manages FWP’s Internet site. “It offers angling and recreation information on hundreds of fishable waters in the state, including lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams.”

The quickest route into the guide is by the name of a specific lake, stream or fishing district.

“If you’d like a choice of nearby waters, say, for example, within a 25-mile radius of Helena, you can request that too,” Hess-Herbert said.

For each body of water, the user may choose to view a description of the water, a map, or a list of other water bodies in that drainage.

After selecting a specific body of water, the Fishing Guide produces a full page of information, such as river miles, size of a lake in acres, fishing district, FWP Region, special regulations and more.

Game fish and other fish species present in the water are also listed, with a direct link to the Montana Field Guide for specific information on each species.

“We designed the Fishing Guide to put everything an angler needs to know at their fingertips, including a list of nearby fishing access sites with directions for getting there, and details on boat ramps, camping, and other facilities.

The 2004 fishing regulations are just one click away. And, if the user requests a map rather than a written description, the electronic mapping feature allows a graphic look at the river or lake with the ability to zoom in and out.

The past five years of stocking records on lakes are available, as are reports on angling pressure if they exist for that water body.

“For those who enjoy planning a trip nearly as much as taking it, the new Fishing Guide will supply hours of fun, and it’s a good way to learn about Montana’s water bodies too,” Hess-Herbert said.

To plan your next fishing trip online, go to the FWP web page at The guide is a product of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Montana Natural Resource Information System.