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Water Levels At Cooney State Park Drop


Wed Sep 24 00:00:00 MDT 2003

Currently, water levels at Cooney State Park are extremely low. In fact, the bottom of the boat ramps at North Shore and  Marshall Cove are now exposed, possibly posing a hazard to boaters trying to use them. Park staff is strongly recommending that the public not use those boat ramps until water levels rise. Mud and sharp drop-offs are common, and boaters should know that if they use the ramps, they do so at their own risk.

The ramp at Red Lodge Campground is still underwater, but it is not recommended for boats over 16’ long. Water levels are changing rapidly, and the park will try to keep the public abreast of boat ramp conditions. For up to date information, contact the park directly at (406) 245-2326.