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Scott Thompson Hired as Region 6 FWP Wildlife Manager

Fish & Wildlife - Region 6

Fri Mar 18 17:09:13 MDT 2016

Scott Thompson was recently appointed as the Region 6 Wildlife Manager for Montana of Fish, Wildlife & Parks. He will be based out of Glasgow and replaces Mark Sullivan, who became the Region 6 Supervisor in October of 2015.

Thompson, 37, is originally from Butte and holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Animal and Range Science from Montana State University-Bozeman. He has been employed with FWP and since 2003.

Thompson started his career in Culbertson as the area wildlife biologist. Along with other duties, Thompson worked closely with numerous private landowners in implementing rest rotation grazing systems and other habitat projects under the Upland Game Bird Enhancement and Migratory Bird Programs. In addition, he played an active role in securing public hunting access working with private landowners and the Block Management program, and initiated the Three Buttes Public Lands Signing Project. In 2008, Thompson was the recipient of the Wildlife Division’s Most Valuable Project award for his contributions towards the Milk River Initiative.

“My experience working with landowners on habitat or access projects was some of the most rewarding work that I accomplished early in my career,” said Thompson. “I plan to continue working with my staff on improving habitat and public access across the Region.”

In 2010, Thompson became the Malta-area biologist. While in Malta, he assumed the duties of the Region 6 deer specialist, and initiated research to investigate elk distribution relative to hunting access in the Missouri River Breaks. In addition, Thompson continued to work actively on access and habitat projects, and established further positive communication between hunters, landowners, other agencies and FWP.

In 2011, Thompson took the FWP lead in working with Alberta biologists on an international project to capture sage grouse in Phillips and Valley County to augment Alberta’s dwindling sage grouse population. In 2012, Thompson received the FWP Director’s Professional of the Year Award for his important contributions to the agency.

            Thompson plans to continue working towards agency wildlife goals in Region 6. “We are very fortunate to have the wildlife populations, habitat, landownership relationships, and dedicated wildlife staff in Region 6 that allow for a lot of good things to happen for wildlife, hunters, and other wildlife users,” said Thompson. “I hope to maintain and build on those relationships, while continuing to find room to improve the great wildlife resources we have.”

Scott and his wife Jill have four boys, Lane, Owen, Garrett, and Sam. The family loves the outdoors, and can often be seen hunting, fishing, and camping across Montana.